Ethical Style Journal is a NEW kind of fashion magazine,
doing our part to shape fashion culture
into one that is as much about awareness as it is style.

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We Value

Fashion that is created fairly, fair and equal pay for garment workers. We value people over profit.

Sustainability industry processes that are less wasteful and hazardous to people, the planet and animals. We value environmental consciousness as a principle in the creation of fashion.

Animal life innovation and creativity has allowed us to welcome cruelty-free fashion. We value new fashion free of animal products or byproducts, and free of conflict in the way of deforestation, etc.

Transparency  to know who, what, and how our dollars impact. We value the informed decisions we're allowed to make when we have the proper information.

Dialogue and action to improve humankind, particularly dialogue and action that has influence on creating healthier job and living opportunities, and promotes equality for people of color, globally.

We believe in progress over perfection, and we're thrilled about presenting you with fashion and stories that will guide us to better times.

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